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Bhargav Ponnapalli

10 tips to increase your developer presence online

10 tips to increase your developer presence online

Bhargav Ponnapalli
·Jan 22, 2021·

6 min read

The world is changing.

Gone are the days where you could land a job simply by using your resume. These days employers expect you to have a good online presence and a good developer portfolio alongside a resume.

So not only do you need to be very good at the skill aspect, you also need to be very good at expressing it.

So today let us talk about the 10 things that you need to do to make sure that you develop a presence online which is top notch. Let's get started.

1. Understand the field you are in


Before you find that dream job, understand about that niche and skill well. For eg, if you are looking to get into a Frontend Engineering job, it is a good idea to understand about - what kind of roles are on offer,

  • what kind of companies are looking out in those roles
  • what kind of skills are those companies looking for
  • who are some really good engineers in that role

Once you are able to ask yourself these questions and answer them, it means that you are now ready to make a plan to improve yourself and align yourself towards those roles and companies.

2. Invest time to improve your skills


Once you nailed down the things you need to do, the first and foremost thing to do would be to master your skills. Start with the basics, but don't stop there. Keep digging!

That means that you need to have

  • awareness of all the languages/tools you need to master eventually
  • mastery over at least a couple of tools
  • don't be a Jack of all trades and master of none. At least master a couple of tools well.
  • learn something new every day and make that a habit

3. Share your knowledge as you learn online


Make a log of everything you learn online and share it with others who are in the same field as you. You don't have to brag about it and shout in loudspeakers, but you can

  • write about what you learnt
  • tweet and share your writings online
  • join online-meetups and conferences and interact with others

4. Find ways to teach what you learnt


Everyone starts at level 0 at some point of time. If you have learnt something, there are always people who you can teach. Find a good platform, like Codementor or Hashnode ( or any platform that allows you to teach your skills.

  • Teaching can be intimidating when you start, but keep at it. It will get easier.
  • Make good videos on YouTube on what you learnt
  • There are so many ways to teach today

Teaching also pushes you to learn your skill thoroughly because to teach well you need to know well.

5. Become a speaker


This step may require a bit of luck and some encouragement from other speakers and meet-ups but if you become a speaker,

  • you open doors to tremendous opportunities
  • it improves your confidence tremendously and adds to your self-esteem

Remember: You don't need to learn everything in a subject to speak about it. Just learn the topic you want to cover very well and speak about it and inspire others.

Note: Fullstack Javascript Earth( is always looking for new speakers. Feel free to ping us there.

6. Bet on Open source projects


Open source is one of the best ways to learn. Contributing to open source helps you work with people who made those open source projects in the first place. Most of these folks are awesome and there is so much to learn from them.

  • You can pick up new skills from them by looking at the project's codebase.
  • You can see how the review pull requests and how you can too.
  • You can then start learning from them and improve yourself
  • You can learn what motivated them to start this project and see if you have similar goals or if you have your own goals to start a new project yourself.

Eventually start your own open source projects and make it so good that it helps other developers and even companies.

Note: Even if you find it difficult to contribute, you can still hang around and learn different coding styles in different projects and contribute to documentation/hosting or even sponsoring a project. There are many ways to contribute!

Besides skill, it's also important that we imbibe good qualities into our personalities to make an impact not only to ourself but to others.

7. Have informed opinions

Asset_25.png Social media can be polarising and can be very overwhelming if you are on the wrong side of a debate, but that doesn't mean you must be a fence-sitter. Have informed opinions on tech and debate about them respectfully. Keep your opinions malleable and change them with new information.

As long as you are respectful, opinionated online exchanges are fun. Just don't be rude and keep learning from your mistakes.

Note: Well there are some bad apples among all groups, who might misunderstand you and be rude to you for no reason, but they are not the majority.

8. Be kind


A lot of people are respectful to their superiors, but if you are good to your juniors, it speaks volumes of your character and keeps you in good standing.

When we are working at your office workspaces for various companies, we should be empathetic and mindful of our juniors. They might be reporting to us, but it's important that we treat them with the respect that they inherently deserve.

  • Guide them to learn new skills
  • Help them meet their deadlines
  • If they are finding it difficult to contribute to your team, find a way to help them out.

9. Believe in yourself


You came up with a process to try and achieve a goal. Even if the process is simple, it's time taking. Success doesn't happen overnight. If you are trying to achieve something big, chances are, it's not going to be easy and it takes time. Believe in the process and keep building your legacy brick by brick.

Don't be afraid to make changes to your process but don't just throw the whole thing away.

10. Endure

Asset_28.png Along the way, we might face many hurdles. They can be personal, professional or financial, but keep going. If work hard enough and stick to your thing, good things will eventually happen.

Never give up!

I am rooting for you! Good luck!

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